Georges van Hoegaerden

Georges is the Managing Director of The Venture Company, founded in Palo Alto in 1998, and the Managing Director of method41, founded in 2020.

Georges was instrumental in the formation of three Silicon Valley start-ups producing over $100M exit value after having bootstrapped new lines of businesses for Oracle, HP, and Symantec.

After a brief part-time stint as a part-time venture capitalist, he characterized the venture business as subprime and set out to change the investment theory that determines what innovation can be discovered. He subsequently discovered the problems of venture capital to originate from the defunct systems of asset management, economics, and policy and founded method41, offering fundamental improvement to the performance of policy, capital, and innovation.

Georges’ articles on evolution, policy, capital, and innovation (moved to method41) have appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Reuters, Pensions & Investments, SuperReturn, IEEE, to name a few.

Imitation considered flattery, Georges’ analyses have been plagiarized by venerable institutions, legitimately used in a variety of scholar and master-theses, and quoted by star performers of capital and innovation, leading the self-proclaimed founders of venture capital to seek his advice.

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