What do you think will trigger the next economic recession, and how far are we from that?

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All economic recessions, suspending for a moment the highly debatable measurement of them, are at its highest recognizable normalization caused by a systematic violation of freedom. A grave ignorance of a dynamic plurality of freedom causing coagulating oligarchies to form incompatible with the merit of the assets (people) to which those systems are deployed.

What we see on a spiraling basis, the repetition of ever closer occurrences of the aberrations we tend to refer to as signs of recessions, is the negative outcome from a faulty thesis that determines what can be discovered (Einstein), quickly followed by a hodgepodge of corrections to the undesirable consequential outcomes of such a subprime spiral.

So, what will trigger the next economic recession is the natural outcome of the last downstream optimizations being circumvented and requiring the next set of even more complicated and publicly opaque downstream corrections. Until we finally come to our senses and realize that the only way for humanity to produce and strengthen renewable excellence is to change the very thesis that determines what can be discovered upstream.

With a higher and better normalization of evolutionary truth as the impetus for a fundamentally new operating-systems for humanity, one that builds the renewable and collective value of long from the purpose-driven excellence of short.