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New ways to get subscribed

Today we have added new ways to subscribe to The Venture Company, to ensure our updates are automatically pushed out to our readers when they appear. The detailed subscriptions are available from the meritocracy page, to which an icon has been added from the home page. The following RSS streams are now available:

  • RSS Live Stream: new blogs across categories, intermingled with news and announcements (the full scoop)
  • Economics feed: only the blog articles appearing in the economics section, primarily for policy makers and limited partners
  • Capital feed: only the blog articles appearing in the capital section, primarily for investors in venture capital and those depending on them
  • Innovation feed: only the blog articles appearing in the innovation section, primarily for entrepreneurs and consumers of technology products

The new RSS buttons on the meritocracy page refer to the unique type of information they appear with, the RSS button behind the live stream refers to the live stream RSS, the one behind economics only refers to the RSS related to economics, etc. In addition, users of Apple’s Safari can simply click on the RSS menu in the address bar upon which they are presented with a list of RSS streams they can subscribe to (pictured below). Similar menus are now also available on the individual blog pages.


Please note that our feed burner address for the Live Stream has been changed into, so please update your reference if you were subscribed through the old feed (it will no longer work).

The same information that appears on the Live Stream will also appear on the Twitter and Facebook pages of The Venture Company, to which one can subscribe by clicking on the respective icons on the meritocracy page, or other pages with social icons attached. The default behavior for the RSS stream subscription is the aforementioned live stream.