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Very exciting for us. According to web site analytics software, we can now count a member of the executive office of the President - or the President himself, as a visitor to our blog. This after visits from Bill Clinton's office, and regular visits from members of the House and Senate.

While the fate of Renewable Economics™ is not dependent on the adoption by government, as we explain here, having the interest of the Executive Office would certainly smooth out and accelerate the transition to modern economics that benefit us all. We've come a long way, and are prepared to serve when called upon.

"Renewable Economics" filed as trademark


We have now filed the phrase "Renewable Economics" with the Federal US Patent and Trademark office, which means we strictly enforce the use of that phrase in conjunction with The Venture Company as its inventor's brand. The enforcement of the mark precedes the occurrence on this web site. As a reminder, trademark notices have been added to every page on this web site.

14,000 views on The State of Venture Capital


Shortly after our country's 237th year of independence (on the 4th of July) we added another thousand views to The State of Venture Capital, which is widely heralded as the preeminent presentation on the state of innovation's arbitrage.

Less apparent yet damning to many purveyors in it, is how venture capital fails for exactly the same reasons why many of our other financial systems fail, a lack of a meritocracy that stems from a lack of universal freedom, we so brazenly brag about to the rest of the world. Buffoonery that can easily be fixed with a little economic diligence.

Georges to participate at Venture Alpha East


Georges will participate on a panel and attend Thomson-Reuters’ Venture Capital Journal - Venture Alpha East conference in Boston, April 3rd - 5th, 2013.

Georges' keynote at AVF rescheduled for 12/12/12


Georges' keynote at Angel Venture Forum at the National Press Club in Washington, DC postponed due to superstorm Sandy has now been rescheduled for 12/12/12. Come hear Georges speak about the economics of innovation that ignite the need for innovation of economics. Register here.

Georges to keynote Angel Venture Forum in DC


Georges will keynote the Angel Venture Forum Showcase event on October 30, 2012 at The National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Blogs moved to WordPress

We have reluctantly moved The Venture Company main blogs to WordPress after a string of malfunctions, away from realmacsoftware’s RapidWeaver because of the lack of significant improvements and limited bug fixing for some 4 years by realmacsoftware, no longer withstanding the outstanding personal attention from Nik Fletcher in realmacsoftware’s support organization trying to get the developers’ attention. The company has made the critical error to become the purveyor of many and king of none, spending to little time on the product that made it famous.

The demands of the growing popularity of our site, combined with the need for better social integration forced us to adopt a more professional blog platform for our blogs (we still use the software for the other pages on our site).

Over the next coming months our site will continue to migrate into a more cohesive look, as we smooth out the jump to an external page for our blogs. For now we bask in the glory of more professional blog management to better serve you.

Our book, now available as autographed pre-order

Georges is finalizing his book (title withheld) on how to reinvent economics to end our economic malaise.

In the words of The Economist: “Economists need to reach out from their specialized silos: macroeconomists must understand finance, and finance professors need to think harder about the context within which markets work.”

Set for release by the end of this year (2012), avid readers of The Venture Company blogs can now get their personally autographed book delivered right to their doorstep by pre-ordering here.

The book will be shipped promptly upon release (announced here).

New ways to get subscribed

Today we have added new ways to subscribe to The Venture Company, to ensure our updates are automatically pushed out to our readers when they appear. The detailed subscriptions are available from the meritocracy page, to which an icon has been added from the home page. The following RSS streams are now available:

  • RSS Live Stream: new blogs across categories, intermingled with news and announcements (the full scoop)
  • Economics feed: only the blog articles appearing in the economics section, primarily for policy makers and limited partners
  • Capital feed: only the blog articles appearing in the capital section, primarily for investors in venture capital and those depending on them
  • Innovation feed: only the blog articles appearing in the innovation section, primarily for entrepreneurs and consumers of technology products

The new RSS buttons on the meritocracy page refer to the unique type of information they appear with, the RSS button behind the live stream refers to the live stream RSS, the one behind economics only refers to the RSS related to economics, etc. In addition, users of Apple’s Safari can simply click on the RSS menu in the address bar upon which they are presented with a list of RSS streams they can subscribe to (pictured below). Similar menus are now also available on the individual blog pages.


Please note that our feed burner address for the Live Stream has been changed into, so please update your reference if you were subscribed through the old feed (it will no longer work).

The same information that appears on the Live Stream will also appear on the Twitter and Facebook pages of The Venture Company, to which one can subscribe by clicking on the respective icons on the meritocracy page, or other pages with social icons attached. The default behavior for the RSS stream subscription is the aforementioned live stream.

Feedburner RSS changed

Due to a rigorous reconfiguration of our Google account our consolidated Feedburner RSS stream has been changed per immediate to the following, please update your reference to the RSS stream to following:

Or, simply press the (updated) RSS button atop any of our blogs to re-subscribe to the new one.

Open office workout on fridays in Chapel Hill

claremont, chapel Hill, nc
Ready for a mental workout perhaps combined with some physical exercise? Then join Georges friday mornings between 8 and 10 am (*) at the gym of the Claremont community in Chapel Hill for an informal workout about economics, capital and innovation. We invite limited partners, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to freely discuss startups, venture capital, the american economy or everything in-between.

See here why you would want to talk with Georges.

(*) For exact timing and availability (due to travel) be sure to fill in the contact form provided here and select Open Office with a date of the friday you would like to come in. Georges looks forward to “working out” with you. The exact location can be found on Google maps by clicking hereicon_external-link_15x12.

The State of Venture Capital surpasses 9,000 views

Our 2010: The State of Venture Capital presentation (abbreviated as SOVC) published last year has been viewed more than 9,000 times.

Easily the most viewed presentation on the state of Venture Capital it highlights how not innovation is broken, but the arbitrage deployed by Venture Capital. And that means there is hope, since when we fix Venture Capital the quality of innovation intake will improve and thus the returns for Limited Partners.

Sponsor to AAAIM's national event


For the third year in a row we are sponsoring AAAIM’s national event, simply because it has proven to be a great event every year. Registericon_external-link_15x12 for the Capital Experience today!

Georges' prediction for Venture in 2011

Here is Georges’ prediction for the performance of Venture Capital in 2011:

“With negative ten year performance and a pipeline stuffed with subprime deals Venture Capital will continue to shrink and gravitate down to the 35 of 790 VC firms that make any consistent money for Limited Partners, with perhaps a handful of new VCs taking the place of a few aging firms. In violation of rudimentary free-market principles, Venture will remain - by economic principle - unable to scale to the massive opportunity of an 80% technology adoption greenfield.

And with corporates disproving the many cyclical and economic claims of Venture Capital underperformance during the same period, Limited Partners must take a closer look at the deployment of investment risk, the experience of its operators and the way it often ignores groundbreaking innovation.

Technology innovation remains a cash cow for those Limited Partners with the investment discipline and investment model that can locate and spur the Social Economic Value the public will trust again.”

Georges van Hoegaerden

P.S.: his last year prediction about Venture in 2010 also proved true, despite similar self-serving delusion of positivity from Venture Capitalists in the media then.

Master Thesis on Venture Capital references Georges

In his Master Thesis for Rotterdam's Erasmus University named “Key determinants of venture capital market performance: The Dutch experience” Ivo Berg interviews Georges and references Georges' Venture model and diagrams. Contact ivo.c.berg [at] gmail [.com] for more information.

New ad: "The re-invention of Venture Capital"

We produced a new print advertisement to debut at a Limited Partner and Fund-of-funds convention soon. Let us know what you think.

The Venture Company facebook page added

We have finally added, updated and cleaned-up a dedicated Facebook page for The Venture Company and added references from our website. Now Facebook users can stay up-to-date with The Venture Company without leaving the comfort of their most popular social networking site.

The Venture Company declares independence from Venture Capital status quo

Today, on Independence Day, The Venture Company declares Limited Partners’ independence from Venture Capital Status Quo.

With unique Venture Capital insights garnered by operating for more than 15 years in every corner of Venture, Georges will discuss the real world deployment of Venture and delivers the expertise needed to increase the returns of this asset class for limited partners in a 2-hour online (private) seminar.

Download the press release in pdf .

New Limited Partner advertisement

We are about to launch a new print advertisement for Limited Partners in Venture. Above is a preview. This ad will debut at IBF's the 21st Annual Venture Capital Investing Conferenceexternal_link_grey, San Francisco, June 9-10th.

2010: The State of Venture Capital hot on Twitter

The State of Venture Capital is hot on Twitter; and is being tweeted more than any other document on SlideShare right now. So Slideshare has put it on the homepage of (in the "Hot on Twitter" section).

State of Venture Capital is a top presentation of the day on Slideshare

The State of Venture Capital is among top presentations of the day on Slideshare, with more than 340 viewers on a single day before that accolade. The editorial team at Slideshare would like "to thank us for this awesome presentation, that has been chosen from amongst the thousands that are uploaded to SlideShare everyday".

The Venture Company supports 2010 IBF Venture Capital Conference

The Venture Company supports 2010 IBF Venture Capital Conferenceicon_external-link_15x12. Come see or meet us there.

Georges joins AAAIM in ringing the closing bell at NASDAQ

Georges joins AAAIMexternal_link_grey in ringing the closing bell at NASDAQ, in New York on June 9th, 2009.

The Venture Company supports IBF

We supported the 20th anniversary of the Venture Capital conference by IBFexternal_link_grey in San Francisco. Congrats to Alex Scott and Christina Riboldi for a great conference and inviting us to participate.

Blog milestone; 4,000+ unique visitors in a single day

Yesterday, we reached a bitter sweet milestone in the publication of our blog.

More than 4,000 unique visitors in a single day, and literally hundreds of glowing reviews by experienced CEOs and entrepreneurs whose support communicates the current mismatch of VC as the intermediary in connecting the assets of the LPs (money) with the assets of entrepreneurs (innovation).

We thank you all. It strengthens our resolve to fix (not eradicate) Venture Capital and restore the meritocracy of innovation this country was founded upon.

We invite sponsors to participate in the funding of this so-far self funded effort, and contact us here. Keep the feedback coming (albeit it will take me a bit longer to respond to all of them).

Harvard Alumni syndicate "A VC revolution in the making"

A VC revolution in the making" captures the interest of Harvard Alumni, and the moderator invites Georges to become part of the group.

Not quite the same as having studied there, but a nice gesture nonetheless.