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About Georges van Hoegaerden

Georges is a serial entrepreneur, innovation catalyst, 4x CEO, board director turned innovation economist (by fate). His ideas have raised $14M in venture capital and produced over $100M in returns.
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Georges helps ring the bell at NASDAQ, on Time Square in New York
As an advocate for groundbreaking technology innovation, Georges dipped his toe in venture capital, only to leave the "club" when he discovered how the preordained arbitrage of innovation systemically violates the most rudimentary principles of freedom The United States was founded upon, subprimes the opportunity for innovation, and damages the trust of and value to the public.
He has since devoted his time to reinventing the Neanderthal economics of our oligarchic past, and in doing so has been invited to speak all over the world, asked to offer economic and innovation advisory, and is in the process of finishing his first book.

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