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Truth be told -- and heard

On our blog we question many of our prevailing man-made systems, because of their overwhelming popularity combined with regressive impact. As you can judge for yourself, we do not mince words.

Hence we are gratified by the 304 accolades from decision makers in the trenches who do not mince words either. The exchange of truths will set us all free. Jump to the most recent accolades
"Absolutely the most rational piece that has been written on the reasons why the VC industry will need to incorporate some changes going forward."
John Hauser
"Great article and responses."
Steve Herbert - Harvard Alumni Moderator
"Your blogs are a delight! Funny, informative to a subjective degree and most important to me, evoke an urge to response."
Early-stage CEO
"Fascinating post on VC changes and challenges."
Business & Tech Editor
"It is refreshing to see this sort of candor."
Entrepreneur & CEO
"I've been following your blog recently and I find it to be insightful and entertaining."
Early-stage CEO
"Good info about VC."
M&A advisor
" I enjoyed the article you posted with this group today and took the liberty of re-posting it elsewhere"
President Law Offices & Chairman
"Very interesting. Another great article from Georges."
International Venture Capital Editor
"I really liked your blog."
Director of Sales
" I couldn't agree more."
Investor and executive
"Excellent article."
Former Financial Times Editor
"I have come across your blog recently. Its been very inspiring to me. Your blogs fully echo my experience so far."
" I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Thanks and keep up the great writing! "
Founder & CEO
"Loved your post on fund raising - it is spot on!"
Founder and serial CEO
"Would be most honored to add you to my network"
China Investment Partner
"Loved your blogs. I am going to send the link to companies' CEOs so they can realize that the issue might not be a lack of money! "
Board Trustee
"Your articles are darn good."
"I share many of your thoughts with regard CEOs raising Venture Capital"
Entrepreneur, CTO & President
"I agree with most of what you say."
Venture Capitalist
"Which investors to avoid... very practical and useful info."
Founder & CEO
"I love your post "Idiot CEOs." Having bootstrapped to success three ventures with exit from sale and one IPO I agree with you."
Founder & CEO
"I read your article about "Idiot CEOs" After doing 3 turnarounds without VCs, I took on one startup with VC backing and will never do that again. "
Serial CEO, Director
"Somebody pointed me to you blog on Idiot CEOs. Great stuff."
Editor at Top 20 technology blog
"You are an advocate to the CEO, and I have much respect for you"
President & CEO
"I just read your post titled "Idiot CEOs" and enjoyed it. I am CEO of my first venture and trying to avoid VC like the plague by creating intelligent partnerships."
"I enjoy your blog very much."
Private Equity Investor
"We just went through a lot of what you wrote about -- and in the end decided on a different path for funding because it didn't make any sense."
"Read George’s article, it’s a good one."
Lorenzo Geraci
"Painful to read for me, but a Great article -- I only wish you'd had sent this to me in 1997"
Vice President
"Great post! A must read"
Founder & CEO
"Fascinating column and equally so some of the earlier ones. I will look for future ones."
CEO, Director & Investor
"I have been reading your insights posted on your blogs with great interest."
Startup CEO, Israel
"I looove the “Idiot CEO” article, very well done."
Management Consultant
"I like your blog and here in continental Europe the behaviour of VCs is even worse."
Investor, Chairman & CEO
"I was foolish enough to raise VC money as a new CEO and everything that you described took place - everything!"
Startup CEO
"Very interesting and also very enlightening."
Founder & CEO
"A lot of truth and valid observations."
Harvard Alumni
"Another insightful article from Georges, as usual."
Managing Director
"You nail the current VC dysfunction."
General Manager
"A MUST read for any Entrepreneur out there."
Serial entrepreneur
"Your comments about the VC industry are so totally right, this is something that I have been fighting against for many years."
Asset Manager
"Great Article. Really Outstanding Vision of The Industry. You should be running things in Washington, DC."
"I have read over 90% of your blogs. I'm in complete alignment with your principals."
Serial CEO
"I've just finished reading about 6 of your articles. Your thoughts mirror my experiences."
President, Services company
"In my experience, this is unfortunately true..."
Steve Woda, Founder & Chairman, Wharton publisher
"I very much enjoyed your comment on the ridiculous piece about Tim Draper's new business idea this morning. Thank goodness there are some rational folks out there."
"Fascinating column and equally so some of the earlier ones. I forwarded them on to a couple folks."
Serial CEO, Investor
"Fascinating blog. I recognize many things you are talking about."
Funded startup CEO
"I learned more from 10 minutes in talking with you than from a 2 days at a conference."
International Investor
"I just wanted to say thank you. I discovered your blog today and after the first skim, I feel energized and not "alone" anymore. Very encouraging to read what you have written."
"I was both excited to read your thoughts, and relieved to find that I am not alone. "
CEO, former PE Consultant & Investment Banker
"Tremendous insight and right on target as usual."
"You probably have no idea how right you are on green & energy tech."
Alternative Energy Investor
"Awesome post! Some good advice for LPs."
Management Consultant, former Venture Partner
"Kudos for terrific profile and the energy and achievement represented."
Management Consultant
"I like what you have to say about how VCs treat CEOs. That's consistent with my 15 years of working with VCs."
President & CEO
"I will not accept outside investment because of the people that come with it."
President & CEO
"So glad I came across your blog."
"Your blog made me laugh and cry. I admire your pragmatic logic."
Startup veteran and entrepreneur
"An eye opener."
Management Consultant
"We just went through a lot of what you wrote about -- and in the end decided on a different path for funding because it didn't make any sense."
Startup CEO
"I have never before read anybody who called it."
Owner PR firm
"Awesome stuff."
Sr Managing Director, PE firm
"Your website is truly outstanding and informative."
Founder, PhD
"Very well done!!"
U.S. Inventor & CEO
"I'm finally reading your blog -- I shouldn't have waited so long."
"I cannot tell you how refreshing your piece about the naked emperor is!"
Venture Catalyst Asia
"I've been reading your blogs on the VC sector. AMEN!!"
"I love your blog"
Management Consultant
"Dead on point."
General Partner, VC
"I read through your entire blog. Outstanding points."
Serial entrepreneur
"I should have talked with you 5 years ago"
"Your blog was refreshing -- I consider it one of the few that really add something profound."
Serial entrepreneur
"I applaud your blogs"
Managing Partner, Investment Bank
"Great piece"
Adjunct Professor
"Good stuff"
General Partner, VC
"I was up until 3:00 am last night reading your past blog postings. Very compelling and insightful stuff."
"The no holds barred clarity of your writing, based on a foundation of direct experience, continues to shine a rare ray of light in the darkness of a long tunnel that still lies ahead of us."
"I like the way you think and I'm learning from you!"
"One of the best articles I ever read..."
"I haven't read something that inspiring and well written in quite a while"
"Your article was like a fresh breeze ….Thanks for such clarity …"
Serial entrepreneur
"Thank God people like you still exist!"
Serial entrepreneur
"Another great blog."
"You are giving away some good reading. Thanks again!"
"This article should be a must read for any entrepreneur looking for VC funding."
Strategic Advisor
"Your viewpoint is refreshing with a lot of interesting insight"
CEO and public speaker
"You are often prescient"
Market maker
"Thank you for telling it like it is, for inspiring people like me, and for trying to change the investment LP world"
Software Engineer
"I appreciate all the tremendous information that you have provided to all of us early stage start up entrepreneurs."
"I stumbled on your blog a couple of weeks ago and it grabbed me by the brain stem and has resonated through my neural matter ever since."
Life Sciences Chairman
"Thanks for your brilliant commentary about the broken VC model and how to fix it through transparency."
Managing Director M&A
"I really enjoy your blog immensely."
Director Venture Lab
"Your article "How to fix VC" is VERY nicely stated! "
Director Private Investors Forum
"You have a very rare blend of talents. Hands on experience with making several startups successful is rare in itself, but your ability to add a high quality intellectual perspective to it definitively sets you apart."
Venture Capital Journalist
"As always a good and thought-provoking read. Looking forward to your next installment."
Technology Lawyer
"Your refreshing take on the required consciousness for funding and funders is a breath of fresh air in a world of darkness."
Venture Catalyst
"This is one of the best articles I read in a long time. Everything is right on!"
Serial Entrepreneur
"...I will keep following your amazing blog."
Harvard MBA student
"As usual great article Georges! I wish I would have been able to read your stuff before I did my first startup, as I had to learn everything you've been saying the hard way."
Research Associate Professor
"Thank you for being this new, fresh voice of Venture Capital."
Private Equity Analyst
" always, insightful and pointed. I love the candor of it."
PE and VC recruiter
"Keep up the important work you are doing!"
"Thoughtful and insightful comments on the vc industry."
Twenty-year LP/VC conference organizer
"Excellent article (and supplements). I agree entirely with your premise the system needs to be fixed."
Serial CEO
"This was a very nice post, it was extremely interesting and well written"
Dr Brian Glassman, PhD Purdue University
"Great post"
Thomas Loarie - Chairman, Medical Device Company
"Brilliant as always, I hope the LP's are listening and acting."
Kenneth Hurley, CEO
"Can't agree more with your opinion about the VC industry. It definitely has a serious case of self-induced indigestion."
VC Director, SandHill Road
"May I say that in my experience of reading many blogs yours is by far the most interesting. Brilliantly written and candid with a very balanced and informative view."
CEO, Chairman & Investor
"Enjoy your blog, and thanks for the great thoughts!"
Limited Partner
"I love your blog."
CEO, International Business Journal
"What is different about your blog is that it is speaking to me, instead of about me."
"I couldn't agree with you more."
VP Sales
"This is a very thoughtful approach and many of the top plan sponsors and LPs are aggressively looking at ways to address the gap you’ve outlined. This is very well done."
Fund-of-Funds manager
"Congrats on an excellent presentation."
"This is very impressive!"
"This is impressive."
"I have been a VC for 9 years at a few different firms and have raised money successfully from LPs. You have developed an excellent presentation that hits the nail on the head."
Former VC
"I think you are on to something."
Limited Partner
"Great Article!"

Steve Woda, Wharton
"Spoken like a man after my own heart. Bravo, Georges!"
"You have isolated a looming bottleneck that affects the heart of future innovation, e.g. flow of finances to start-ups."
President and Founder, Entrepreneurial Foundation
"You are the subject-matter expert of Venture."

Venture Journalist
"I wonder if you could spearhead Washington..."
Chief Scientific Officer, Pharmaceutical Company
"What you detailed in the slide deck precisely maps to my experience. Good job."
Startup Veteran
"The future of my company looks bright again. I am grateful for the very sound advice you gave me a year ago. So … Thank you!"
"You've nailed it! Thanks for what you are doing. You are really on to something big."
"Your feedback has been invaluable!"
"Thanks for your notes, Georges. We have had serious issues with our VC's - similar to those you have identified in your various posts."
"While a tough pill to swallow due to the blunt nature of your writing, I found it insightful and accurate."
Mark Suster, GRP Partners
"I am really enjoying your great efforts to making people understand how VC works and how flawed it can be."
Managing Director
"A very well thought article and vision."
Managing Director, VC
"Wow! You have amazing insight into what changes must take place."
"You rock."
Adeo Ressi, CEO The Funded
"Your views are insightful..."
Founding Partner
"I am grown man, but when I saw "The State of Venture Capital" slide on your blog site, I nearly cried."
Serial Entrepreneur
"Spot on!"
Chairman & CEO
"Very revealing and spot on as usual."
Managing Director
"Excellent article explaining the risk-return ratio in LPs."
President Investment Firm
"Another high quality post. Thank you Georges!"
Venture Journalist
"I have been having so much fun reading your blogs for the past couple of hours that I haven't got much work done this afternoon (and for a change I love every bit of it).

I hope you continue to carry on the torch for the many terrific entrepreneurs out there."

Founder & CTO
"I absolutely LOVE your work."
VP Marketing, $3B Venture Firm
"If you are raising money, you have to talk to Georges!"
Serial CEO, Chairman, Investor
"Your story is very impressive."
Limited Partner
"You are a breath of fresh air ... God bless you my friend and your quest to change a system that has been broken for a long time."
President & CEO
"I think you are the only sane person left in Venture..."
IT manager
"Thank you for writing and sharing your truth from courage, and inspiring me to continue to lead the charge..."
"Prolific, Prophetic and Politically incorrect as usual! When can we do coffee?"
"Thank You. What you are doing... it will not only save the industry. It's a complete redesign, rendering the old model both unrecognizable and obsolete."
Serial Entrepreneur
"This guy really gets it!" about the music business and the role of technology in it.
Grammy winning Music Producer
"Your writing is brilliant and spot on!"
Founder InterimCEO/CFO
"Your comments are completely in line with my recent experience"
"I love your blogs"
CEO, Gaming company
"A lot of people have summarized the issues with VC and, frankly, its getting repetitive and uninteresting.

However, in my opinion, you have been able to effectively posit a causal relationship between the structural changes in VC of the last 10 years or so and the lackluster outcomes."

General Partner, PhD
"Read your blogs with great interest as a unique and valuable view."
"I checked out your blog and was very impressed! Well written and revealing."
"I also have a team of people aggressively seeking out Investors on Wall Street…. But I would much rather get directly to you, as you possess the innovative qualities & foresight I am looking for..."
"Keep up the good work."
University of Singapore
"The best Venture Capital thinker in the world."
Venture Capital Journalist
"Everyone in Silicon Valley should read Georges' blog, if they want to stay in business"
Serial CEO
"I have been an LP in Venture and needless to say I lost money. Next time I will put it with you."
Limited Partner
"I am keen to understand from you, your outlook for PE/Venture/ Capital investment opportunities in India."
SVP Major Bank
"Money very well spent" on startup advisory.
"Always an interesting read"
Director at Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency
"I have been diving into your website and blog. They are excellent."
Startup CEO
"Amazingly sharp on reality in VC life"
Managing Director, VC firm
"I think you have a very interesting and well thought out perspective on what is wrong..."
Private Equity Teaching Assistant Harvard
"Georges is ALWAYS a good read."
Chairman and CEO
"You nailed it again. Looking at venture capital through a sub-prime lens is really brilliant."
CEO and GP
"George, you are THE single most influential (re: Radical) voice in VC."
"I have spent my last 4 hrs browsing through your blog. The do's, dont's, insights and directions as intellectually discussed/suggested are very inspiring … I am really amazed with your vast experience…"
"You are 100% right"
Venture Management Consultant
"I have already quoted you in some of the research we did in establishing our fund model."
New VC
"I love your articles!"
Head of Equity Fund Investments
"Sharp insight Georges!! Thanks for bringing it up your way."
GP Private Equity
"Brilliant piece..."
General Partner, VC
"Your insight and analyses are the best. Every LP should read Georges' articles!"
Chairman of the Board, Investment Firm
"Georges is a first-rate truth teller, and unlike anyone else I've met in the VC community so far."
Researcher, Harvard Business School
"... yours is the only Steve Jobs posting (there were dozens) that really stood out and said something different."
"Provocative stuff. A hearty #ff."
Managing Director, VC
"Great post!"
Fortune Magazine
"Fred Wilson and Tim Draper used to be guiding lights within the industry. Georges, you've cut the legs out from under it, and replaced the gas lamp with neodymium-focused xenon torch."
"Great fan of your blogs!"
Investment Manager
"Your state of VC along with many of your posts have been great guides for wisdom in this industry."
Principal, China VC Fund
"I am totally blown away by what is on your site, and your insight!"
"I am amazed at your ability to intuit and express what so many can't (and should)."
"Very impressed with your efforts…"
President and Founder
"Few people have your gift for communicating complex information clearly and concisely."
Communication Consultant
"You have challenged the system and placed criticism where it is well deserved."
"We need committed game-changers like you!"
Entrepreneur and President
"You made many constructive recommendations which were actually quite wise and beneficial to our company!"
Entrepreneur & PhD
"I have gained tremendous respect for you and my partner and I truly did appreciate your candid response to our business efforts."
"I am very impressed with your background and body of work to date."
Director of University Transition Programs
"Good presentation! Would it be possible to share with my MBA class…?"
Finance Professor
"Great summary of the state of venture capital and many of the ills that plague the industry."
Venture Partner
"I have raised 7 rounds of angel, vc, and most recently private equity financing. I really enjoy your perspective."
Vice Chairman
"Outright eloquent. You deserve an applause"
"Really enjoyed your state of venture capital presentation."
Masters Student
"Great video. I sent this to my followers on LinkedIn and Twitter."
"I find your point of view on the state of the VC biz vastly entertaining. The emperor has no clothes. Few have the gumption to tell it as is. Bravo! "
Silicon Valley Attorney
"Simple and Superb - as always!"
"Dead on comments."
Head of Marketing Agency
"I’ve been reading the Kauffman report – looks like they took the whole thing from your playbook!"
"Thank you for always providing me with your honest insight."
"Would you give me the honor of being my mentor?"
Innovator, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO
"You are a great guy Georges!"
"Very interesting and thought-provoking!"
"You're a brilliant writer. I look forward to learning more through your upcoming book!"
Sales Executive
"You are my hero and I have read every word you have ever published."
Startup founder & CEO
"You've been posting some great content"
SuperReturn & SuperInvestor Marketing
"I really like your views and insight!"
Founding Partner Growth Fund
"Great article"
Financial advisor - UBS
"Interest article again"
General Manager
"Thanks for your blog, it is great"
Founder & CEO
"You've spoken like only Georges can!"
"Thank you for giving us entrepreneurs a lift this morning"
"Thank you for all that you do"
"Another welcome ray of light"
Principal, Investment Firm
"Definitely not a lemming here"
Investor Relations
"Impressive thinking"
Producer, Director
"I was very intrigued by your classification of innovations"
CEO & Technology Expert
"Your blogs are razor sharp and spot on"
Managing Director, VC firm
"Georges, thanks for taking time to line out innovation pathways…so very well expressed"
"Keep the emails/posts coming, I read them avidly, I think you are right on the money."
Former Journalist
"Cutting perspective"
VP Cloud services
"Good column, we posted it!"
Technology editor
"Ok Georges, maybe you were right about VC."
Reuters PEHub
"Provocative and enlightening."
Rick Ackerman, Barron's intrepid trader
"This is a fascinating take, or some might say reality check."
Managing Director
"Great piece!"
CEO & incubator founder
"Well stated."
Executive recruiter
"This is the first (and probably only) time I see an american citizen finally understanding and speaking about his own country."
"Thank you fellow pioneer."
"I agree"
Managing Director, Middle Market Fund
"Excellent article. I completely endorse this."
Managing Director, VC
"What you write is of a lot of interest from both angles."
Chief Economics and Finance Advisor
"Georges represents sanity in a sea of madness !"
Professional Engineer
"I admire your work"
Editor, Analyst & Contributor to the Huffington Post
"Great content on your blog"
CEO, Silicon Valley financial technology company
"I agree with you and we should all see that. However, we don't!"
"Well reasoned"
Former Wall Street Exec
"Excellent newsletter"
"I look forward to working together in the new year."
Congress staff
"I hope we can continue to talk and push your message."
Congress Staff
"I congratulate you on your intellectual honesty, a quality that has virtually disappeared in modern-day discussion around venture capital."
Founder/CEO, Board Member
"Georges provides cutting perspective on the interminable "open vs. closed" debate."
VP Cloud Services VMWare
"The video on the State of Venture Capital is an amazing exegesis of how broken things are, and is easily the best I have seen on the topic."
Founder/CEO, Board Member
"Fabulous & clear outline of the current problems w/ VC funding."
Software developer
"I am beyond impress by what you have achieved"
Adjunct Professor
"Every LP, VC and entrepreneur should watch The State of Venture Capital video."
VC funded Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO, Board Member
"What a great column. I could not agree more with you."
Economic Development Principal
"Wow, what a great well thought out piece…."
"If anyone did justice to the term Constructive Criticism, you are definitely it."
"Gotta love Georges' way with words & challenging the status quo!! Always an interesting read from him."
Founding Partner
"Great article!"
VP Marketing Venture firm
"Good points!"
Financial analyst and economist
"Love your stuff."
"Keep up the good work! -- signed Thomas Jefferson"
"Brilliant insights"
"I very much enjoyed your article"
Founder, CEO and Author
"Thanks again for your good work and innovative thinking"
"Would you like to join our session as a presenter, referee, or panelist?"
PhD Economics
"Quite a read"
Venture Capitalist
"Bravo Georges! Let's hear it for the truth!"
Marketing and Sales
"Great article"
CEO of Private Equity and Venture Capital
"Brilliant Assessment of facts and very objective Georges. I hope John Doerr has the decency to respond."
"Admire your work and just pre-ordered your book."
Board Member, VC
"Very interesting perspective, articulately outlined."
CEO, former VC
Serial Entrepreneur
"Excellent and path-breaking thinking"
"Deeply insightful"
Executive Group President
"Georges van Hoegaerden is THE thought leader in the remaking of one of my favorite industries: Venture Capital."
CEO & Neurochemist
"I want to run this idea by you. You've got this unique perspective and a damn good one!"
"Your blogs are the downright best in the Valley!"
VP Products
"Another great piece Georges. Very astute differentiation between sustainable and renewable."
VP of Products
"Thanks for the great article. Perhaps you would like to get involved…"
"Great article. Bravo!"
Inventor & Systems and Products Engineer
"Excellent piece and pierces the "free market" rhetoric…"
Business Growth Expert
"Great insight"
Serial CEO
"I love your blogs... Very insightful"
President & CEO Family Office
"As usual, a great read!"
Starving entrepreneur
"I felt moved by your thoughts"
Former Google manager
"You are the first one, I thought will be good industry leader to get some feedback…"
PhD entrepreneur
"Georges does not read books; he is the book."
Medical Doctor
"This is too coincidental ... your post highlights all that my investors were interested in."
"Love your work Georges. Your illuminating view of the VC world - and hard hitting prose are among the very best. Fred Wilson and Marc Andreessen could take a page from your book."
"I am always delighted to read what you write. Delighted.. "
Researcher, Investment management and Global Macro Roundtable
"I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to provide such detailed answers. This has been very helpful to me."
Associate Professor, Business School
"Hope we will have a chance to bring you here."
CEO, Asia
"The highest admiration goes to your wisdom, dear Georges."
Global Economics, Politics & Strategy Network Organizer
"This is brilliant"
Investor, philanthropist
"Terrific post Georges. Bravo!!"
Investor entrepreneur
"Thank you and may GOD bless you always."
Managing Director
"Awesome George!"
Managing Director
"Thank you for another spot-on piece."
"Excellent piece"
Wall Street Executive
"Quite a read"
Biotech VC, Recovering scientist
"Good article"
Chairman & Managing Director
"A hearty #ff"
Healthcare VC
"I admire you, your perspective, your commitment to the truth and the evolution/revolution that you have been creating and inspiring."
"...your undoubted quest for renewal and evolution without limits is praiseworthy."
Associate & Managing Partner
"You are one of the smartest people I have met."
President & CEO
"Thank you for this bright view you post."
Business Man
"I found the article to be extraordinarily enlightening."
Managing Director

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